Company Info

Company Info


Shandong Universal Gravity Health Tech Co., LTD, established in 2011, the company is currently located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China. We are an experienced health and fitness solutions company, we have been developing constantly innovating products and is one of the faster-growing privately-held manufacturing company. And the OEM/ODM for several companies world wide and supplying products throughout the world directly from China incorporating fast turn around times.

The company’s strategy emphasizes excellence in consumer-centric brand experience and product creation. Through continuous research and development, the company seeks to develop new and better fitness equipment, sporting goods, services and experiences that appeal to consumers, trader & distibutors. In the domain of sports business, The company surely may not be the biggest, but the key strength we have in us is to have earned people and recognition and connect among masses and classes. We drive our business by values and not by numbers. We perform selected works, and as we do those, we make them success stories ! We value our culture statement and live by it every word, every day, every time!

Never satisfied with the status quo, the ongoing expansion of development and manufacturing capabilities emphasises the company's commitment to continually raise the benchmark for value and quality in fitness & health products and services. Our manufacturing facility implements Continuous-Flow Manufacturing (CFM) and Quality Improvement Programs (QIP), providing continuous product and process improvements.

The company has a presence in all the segments, some of them being commercial fitness facilities, real estate development, corporate fitness and the government projects. We have earned recognition by performing selected works.